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We take pride in exporting wide range of high-quality products from Engineering goods to Handicrafts, Leather goods, Cotton yarn, Jewellery and so on.


We cover an extensive array of industries in importing which include Sports equipment, Fish and fish products, Textiles, Coir goods and so on.


With our best-in-industry Logistics partners, we make sure the goods are delivered intact and on-time. You Sit back and relax, by simply trusting us. 

Why Us?

Global Reach

With our strong global footprint which constantly keeps increasing, your oversees trade problems turn simple and easy.

Affordable Price

With the competitive pricing plans, our existing clients keep coming back to us again and again, supporting increased trade volumes.

True Innovation

We always look for new prospects and maintain our agility to adjust to shifting market trends and client preferences.

Industries of expertise

Textiles and Apparel

Dedicated to providing premium fabrics made from natural and artificial fibres

Minerals and Raw Materials

We provide a wide range of mineral resources, ferrous and non-ferrous metals and metal goods 

Jewellery and Stain-less steel products

We provide an exceptional selection of Jewellery and gem pieces that are beautifully crafted and alluring

Food and Beverages

From canned provisions and spices to grains, pulses, oils and coffee, we ensure that every product meets highest standards of taste and hygiene

Electrical Appliances & Electronics

High quality products to meet your demands, ranging from typewriters and refrigerators to office steel furnishings and appliances

Automobile and Spare Parts

Experience the best in the automotive industry with our top-line automobiles and trucks, additionally broad selection  of spare components





Trades, more to follow..